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I remember being a new military member living in the dorms and being broke. I wasn’t frivolous with my money; I just didn’t make much as an Airman Basic. I would list out my wants and my needs in a little journal and spend accordingly on the 1st and 15th. I had this change jar in my wall locker where I would toss my spare change and I never thought anything of it until the day it was full. Change from this jar was dumped onto my floor and as I counted it, I realized there was a decent amount of money in there. In fact, it was enough to buy a couple things from my “want” column in my journal. This is incremental growth.

Change-Jar (1)

Incremental daily growth can be leveraged into other areas of our lives. When we commit to doing something each day to make us better, the accumulation will have incredible effects on our lives.

You do one small thing towards a goal or make one small tweak in your routine and over the long-haul, there is a huge pay off. My change jar is a perfect example of this. I had no money. However, some coins here and there, translated into something after a while. I noticed the same effects reading 15-20 minutes each day. By the end of the year, I had a stack of completed books and the knowledge to go along with it.

This works with education, fitness, finances, or any other self-improvement endeavor. We all have things that are very important to us and we want to invest in them. We all wear many hats throughout the day and, sadly, there never seems to be enough time. However, when I did the math of how I spent my day, I learned that roughly 15 minutes is 1% of my 24-hour day (actually 14 minutes and 40 seconds).

15 minutes is only a fraction of the time we spend on social media or other apps. It takes most Americans 18 minutes just to choose the next Netflix series to watch. When we really look at our days, we all can find 15 consecutive minutes to learn something new. This is why all of our tips, lessons, etc. are meant to be practical and able to be learned in under 15 minutes.

Whether you learn something new each day or each week, by the end of the year you are going to be a better version of you. Check out our content and decide to Develop Daily!

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