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Start: Punch Fear in the Face

Imagine sleeping in a cave and you hear a twig snap nearby. Then a faint voice can be heard in a language you don’t understand. Clearly two (or more) people are communicating and closing in on your location. Hearing this, you are probably not going to roll over, fluff your rock pillow, and go backContinue reading “Start: Punch Fear in the Face”


Train and Educate Like a Master

Have you ever watched a YouTube video or read a Pinterest article on how to make something and then attempted it with utter failure? I started experimenting with woodworking a couple years ago after retiring from the Air Force and my first couple projects are…well, laughable. I read the instructions, watched the videos, carefully plannedContinue reading “Train and Educate Like a Master”

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Each morning I wake up and make coffee for my wife and myself. I then I intend do some light reading before I “start” my day. Although, sometimes emails or other distractions creep in and avert my attention and intentions. This is the system I have created and it shapes many of my habits. JamesContinue reading “Atomic Habits by James Clear”

Trade Stocks with Robinhood

Trading stocks is something we all have heard about before, but many of us do not know where to begin. For many years, I have tried out different strategies and trading sites and have had a little success. However, all of the sites had one major problem for a small investor like me: trading fees.Continue reading “Trade Stocks with Robinhood”